President Jomo Kenyatta confers top honour on Justice Cecil H.E. Miller


PRESIDENT KENYATTA yesterday bestowed on Mr. Justice C. H. E. Miller, of the Kenya High Court, at State House, Mombasa, the Order of the Burning Spear (Second Class) in recognition of his services since he became the first African to be appointed a judge of the High Court of Kenya in 1964. Mr. Kenyatta said Mr. Justice Miller, who hails from Guyana, has served Kenya with dedication since 1964.

He also announced that he has appointed Mr. Justice Miller to represent him, the Government and the people of Kenya at the celebrations being held when Guyana becomes a Republic on February 23. Mr Kenyatta handed over a message which includes greetings to the Prime Minister of Guyana, Mr. L. F. S. Burnham, from himself, the Government and the people of Kenya. Speaking in jovial mood at the ceremony, witnessed by several MPs from Machakos and Kitui who had earlier called on the President, Mr. Justice Miller said: “Today is one of the happiest days in my life for the honour you have bestowed on me. I am sure it will bring joy to millions of Africans on the other side of the world.” He would continue to serve the Government and the people of Kenya with dedication. Mr. Justice Miller will return to Kenya after leave.

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