Ag. Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Cecil H.E. Miller successfully prosecutes marijuana case

WEALTHY Lagos trader, Madam Angelina Ibijoke Johnson (59) was yesterday sentenced to six months’ imprisonment with hard labour for exporting 15 lbs. of Indian hemp to Britain without an export permit. As the presiding Magistrate. Mr. Me Mumuney pronounced sentence, relatives and friends of Madam Johnson burst into tears and outside the court premises. women were weeping bitterly.

In the Judgment delivered to a crowded Lagos court, Magistrate Mumeny said that “I have examined the evidence adduced by the prosecution and I am satisfied that Madam Johnson sent the box containing the Indian hemp to her son, Ebun Davies, In Britain.” The sum total of the defence, he added, “is a denial of the charge. Adding that only fish and pepper were sent through Miss Collins to her son in Britain.”

After the Magistrate had delivered his verdict Mr. C. Miller, Acting-Deputy Director of Public Prosecution, said that “now that the court had adjudicated on the case consideration should be given to the position of Nigeria, because the is not only committed in dignity but It is her international oblIg4tion to prevent smuggling. “The character of Nigerian woman 2 Put in jeopardy,” he Edded. Mr. MIMI Balogun (defending) pleaded for leniency and said that the curt should consider her old age. She bad lived for around 60 years without any blemish, he added. He asked that her age should be considered and that the court should consider giving her the option of a fine. Even it the amount was large, the family of Madam Johnson would pay it. The Magistrate said Madam Johnson had endangered the life of Miss Kehinde Collins (who was arrested in Liverpool in possession of the Indian hemp,whom he regarded as an innocent agent therefore do not therefore consider a fine necessary in this case. The accused Is sentenced to six months imprisonment.”

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